Let's see what I remember...

After spending 2 hours at the productionline on Thursday-afternoon and even 4 hours at the same department on Friday, there's enough juice left and my feet also don't mind me taking a dance class. I do drive along with the teacher though. This time, I remember to ask about the upcoming Feis, whether there will be enough competitors or not. Fortunately, she has made an 'Over 19' category. This will mean more contestants will be part of this group, lowering the chance that the competition is cancelled in whole or combined at the last minute.

The Beginners Reel is allright, although I end with the wrong leg somewhere. When I do a step from a different dance as well, I stop. I have to retry it later because of it.

I grab my headphones to practice the other dances I know, as I have no clue what the next one is she wants to see. But suddenly, I'm lost when it comes to the music... For some reason I just can't remember which tune goes along which dance. I just listen to all of them, but nothing rings a bell. When I get to the Light Jig, I suddenly remember that one, but the Single Jig and Slip jig are a mystery to me.

I do remember how to dance the Single Jig, but fail the Light Jig. Somewhere I'm missing the rhythm, allthough I'm having music in my ears to follow along. I mess up the lead-around multiple times. I either want to go too quickly or I miss a step, I can't figure out what it is. I can't even remember what comes after the sidestep...
The Slip Jig however, is the big black hole. I just can't remember anything. Not how it starts and everything that comes after. When I suddenly recognize the tune, the movements suddenly come back to me as well. It's such a wonderous organ, the brain.

Dancing the Light Jig in front of the teacher, the rhythm still bothers me: as I shake my head, I already notice how I'm lost at the first hop-back-1-2-3-4.
I'm messing up somewhere and though I try really hard to find out what I need to, I do keep dancing, something I consider quite the achievement when put beside all the thoughts running through my head right now.