Since 2011, I indulged myself into the world of Irish dance, without having any clue how far I could take it or knowing much about the dance or the scene. Until then, it was a (childhood) dream to be dancing on heavy shoes someday.
Read how I got to the point of picking up Irish dance or follow the 7-page crash-course. So far, you can find entries from 2011 to the end of 2013 from my Irish dance diary 'The Road to Heavies', in which I describe what I learn in each class.

Irish dance?

When 'Irish dance' doesn't ring a bell and you would like to find out more about it, I can recommend the 7-page crash course. I will dive into the dance and a small bit on Ireland's history and in the end you will know things you most likely won't know at this moment!

Why did you choose Irish Dance!?

I don't really know where the wish to start learning this comes from. I did write an article on how I got to the point I wanted to take a try-out class. Everything that lead to my first try-out class: