Today we will only be dancing on heavy shoes. I like it to be honest. Finally I don't have to put up with those uncomfortable soft-shoes. I do immediately notice that I forgot to cut my nails. Especially my big toes get to endure a lot in my heavies and it's not a nice feeling at all.

The MP3-player of our teacher refuses to play any music, so a phone is used. As there is no beginners-music at hand I need to dance the Treble Jig slower and I again notice how hard it is for me to not dance way too fast. Evenso I manage, with a few mistakes here and there, dance to the end. Then I lose track of the music and paying attention to the music I start to lose track of the steps as well.

A new dance! The Saint Patrick

After that, me and my fellow beginner get the first steps of the Saint Patrick. That's a so-called Tradtional set dance. The first 4 steps are easy but what follows is tough stuff and I'm glad to see my fellow-beginner is also looking on with a troubled face as our teacher is showing us the moves.

I find out that the particular movement has an advantage from the Light Jig, where the specific move is done multiple times. I learned the Light Jig as the last dance, where it normally is the second dance people learn. That that specific step causes me so much trouble makes sure that I also can't do it properly in the Saint Patrick.

I write the steps down in my notebook and try to find words to make clear what I need to do. Stepping out the movements slowly so I can find out on which foot I need to end and continue I just hope that I still can figure out my own notes when I get home...